The Grahams

Caruthersville Gazette
September 9, 1973

Two Missing, Presumed Dead in Flood

Caleb Hawkins, 9, went outside to play in the rain with his cousin Tuesday, before the afternoon shower turned into a violent storm. The children started in front of their own house and then crossed to Dickson Creek, which runs behind a neighbor's house.

At the first flash of lightning, Caleb's mother called them in. 8-year old Jeb Hawkins came running but his cousin did not follow.

"I called his name, over and over. When I got down to the creek, he was just gone. That stream rose up and carried him away," cried Caleb's mother, Marnie Hawkins, 32.

Police said Caleb was swept away by a flash flood. Dickson Creek is usually a tiny stream, but by Tuesday afternoon it was roiling with floodwaters.

Police searched for Caleb downstream, but have not located the body.

A second victim, Carter Woodworth, had made it home through the storm, but he went back out to search for his dog.

Police think Woodworth tried to cross flooded Cherokee Creek Bridge on foot, but he got swept away by the rising waters.

Woodworth also remains missing. Police report that, given the violence of Tuesday's storm, they no longer hope to find either victim alive.

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